Day 1 of household isolation

The kids and me have been on self isolation for about 11 days, but today is day 1 of officially reporting symptoms and Andy also having to quarantine for 14 days from now.

Nhs and my GP have confirmed my suspicion that this is likely to be Covid 19.

Andy is looking after me, and GP said to check in if symptoms get worse. At the end of the day that’s all I can do, sit it out and hope for the best. In the UK you can only get tested if in hospital. In a way it doesn’t matter because treatment is the same: rest and paracetamol. I’m more pining for the antibody test. I’m clinging on to the hope that in a few days time I’ll be immune and can relax.

Equally I’m realistic. I tick 3 high risk boxes: cerebral-vascular event (stroke), heart disease (hole in septum) and autoimmune disorder (the rheumatologist professor (!) wants to see me urgently – that only happens in the nhs when there’s serious risk to our life!)

I’m trying to relax and so far symptoms are fairly mild – temp stable around 37.8 and cough only when I talk, but my chest hurts.

I’ll report back tomorrow. Stay save x

I’m like BoJo these days!

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