The one with the crown

Corona means crown in Spanish. Apparently the virus has a crown-like structure. Would be quite fascinating if it wasn’t so damn scary.

I want my stroke/ heart problems back. They seem kind of easy to deal with compared to the worry that is Covid-19. Like many, I’ve already been through 2 weeks of fear and panic and I feel exhausted.

I’m in the high risk group (people with cardiovascular problems); Also, I have undiagnosed and so far untreated lupus (they think), so my chances of this passing through as a mild case are rather slim.

Now, I woke up this morning with a cough. I’ve been having a raise temp of 37.6 ish for 2 days but it’s gone up to 38. I am also shivering and I feel as if I have a chest infection without the phlegm.

I’m not writing this to get well wishes or well-meant comments like I’m sure it’s nothing or only a cold (this is unlikely) but to record my symptoms; I’ve also signed up to the official c-19 app. I’d like to also remind people to stay the fuck at home thank you please.

Indeed, I think I’ve caught it and am now hoping my immune system will cope. Because that’s what it comes down to, not age or illness, but your personal immunology (I understand of course that this is largely dictated by age and other disease, but people do cope differently).

I’ll report regularly on here how this develops. Wish me luck x

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