Day two

This is also day 12 of my personal quarantine. Very confusing. So I’ve had two weeks in isolation, of which I’ve had 2 literally inside not even the garden. Starting to feel slightly depressed.

Today, I wasn’t much better but at least not worse either . My cough is minimal, and only comes out when I talk so I spent the day very quietly. It’s upsetting as I can’t even teach online and I am so grateful to my students who still stick with me. They’re so lovely.

My husbands family have been great too and supplying us with food etc, and so have our neighbours and friends – they’re all helping which makes my heart ache with gratitude.

So, the cough is not my main issue, I read that many people don’t have one; however I have a temp, I feel poorly and my chest really hurts. It’s tight too which makes me tether on the edge of panic more or less all day. I’ve now deleted my news apps and avoiding Facebook. Not good for my mental health. Hearing about dead people all day is making me (like everyone else) very anxious indeed.

I’m hoping that this is it and that I might feel grotty for a few more days but then start to improve; the fear of this suddenly deteriorating is very present though. I’m trying but can’t shake it off..this whole situation screams PTSD to me.

I’ll check in again tomorrow, thanks for all your lovely messages, I’m really ok atm x

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