Day 24 of my isolation/ day 14 of my husband’s isolation

Apparently, I’ve got to be 100% precise in what I write on here , as I’ve had a very concerned follower messaging me angrily that I have put lives at risk by going to hospital on Monday.

Just to be clear and to avoid all doubt: I hadn’t been out for more than 3 weeks prior to my appointment, and about 12 days after onset of my Covid symptoms. I have informed 111, my GP and the consultant about this timeline and I was symptom free by the time I went into hospital.

My husband has been in isolation as per the government guidelines for 14 days after onset of my symptoms. So, I can officially state that I have adhered to the rules and in fact not put anyone at risk other than perhaps myself.

So, now this is out of the way, I want to talk about the real problems. Fatigue. It creeps up on me about 2-3 times a day now, although I’m doing half of what I used to. Weird isn’t it. I hear from healthy friends that they are having the same problem. It’s this weird feeling of lethargy and lack of energy that sets in when you’ve actually got f- all to do.

So, it might sound counter productive but I’ve started working again. Online courses are up and running and I’m loving it! So good to see my students and it gives me a momentary boost. And coffee does. Lots of coffee. 🙂

How’s everyone else doing? Stay well xx

Happy Easter. Pleased with my bunnies

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