Still walking in the fog

A quick hello from me, we are all still doing well and are healthy. Well. Perhaps healthy is slightly the wrong term when describing me, but you know what I mean 😆

I have had two major health checks and sessions with both the rheumatologist and the neurologist. The short of it is, they’ve both discharged me as “fine”, meaning a) they couldn’t find any sinister pathology (awesome!) and b) they can’t help me or offer me treatment as there’s nothing there as such to treat (hmm. Not so awesome).

Both specialists have concluded my issues are polysymptomatic in nature and are real, and are pointing towards fibromyalgia.

They’ve also “diagnosed” Unspecificed Autoimmune disorder and FND – functional neurological disorder. Diagnosed in inverted commas as it’s pretty wishy washy and you’re normally told that when they can’t find a problem showing in your bloods or your hardware.

The neurologist has concluded our chat with the words: accept, that this is your life now. There’s no cure for FND or Fibro. You’ll have to learn to live with the pain and discomfort.

That’s fine and I’ll certainly try. I can still do everything, just slower and with crushing fatigue afterwards, but honestly: it’s good enough for me. I’m just happy to be here xx

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