Day 4

It’s probably actually day 5 or 6 but it doesn’t really matter as I’m not storming out into the first supermarket or hug a neighbour once I’ve reached day 7. Instead I’ll probably stay put for the next 6 months in line with what our UK government is outlining.

I’m not even joking with this. There’s now talk of a second wave and even a third. People in Germany who are high risk are told to stay indoors until there’s a vaccine (next year). My trust in being safe is completely ruined. I’ll be quite happy to become a recluse for the rest of my life.

I’ve been feeling a lot better in the day today but towards the evening my temp rose back up to 37.9; I’ve felt groggy but not ill during the day but now I’m lying in bed feeling achey again.

Also, I’m in utter despair over people still not getting the idea of social distancing. What’s so hard to get?? No one is immune and you pass it on in a chain to someone like me, you can call yourself a killer. I wouldn’t want that on my conscience.

I’m hoping I will have improved tomorrow further. Take care everyone xx

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