Day 3

Struggling today. It’s because there’s no end in sight and everyone is scared. The “authorities” I normally turn to (doctors) are not available. I mentally rely on the the availability of doctors since my strokes.

I have decided to turn off all news. Well, I see stuff on Instagram but that has to be it. All my news apps have been moved to the bin right now. I can’t cope with the constant influx of images of people dying. I’m not strong enough.

So today I’ve had a dry cough in the morning, then felt fine and in the afternoon felt fluey again. My chest hurts. I’ve also lost my sense of smell. When Andrew said the chicken smells good I was momentarily confused as I hadn’t realised it was already in the oven. Bizarr.

One day at a time. All I can focus on now is not getting worse and making this whole nightmare ok for my kids although I well up/ full on sob at least once a day.

Speak tomorrow, hope everyone is ok xx

Looking at pictures we drew with our Omi. Hoping for happier days again soon

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