Closure in more than one way

Everyone, I’ve got terrific news. They’ve finally decided to close the PFO, the hole in my heart which has caused all this stroke lark. We are over the moon.

It’ll be a while before they get round to doing it, current waiting time is ca 3-6 months but I’m happy with that. I feel like I’m on good meds, my bloods are being constantly checked and I have no side effects from the warfarin, so all is good.

The news mean sooo much to me. It feels like the end is in sight. Once this hole is closed, the chances of another stroke are apparently decreased by 75%. It feels like all this waiting and fighting has finally come to an end and they’re doing something (I say fighting as I had to really push for this closure; plus they wouldn’t have found it in the first place if I hadn’t been a pain in the arse and gone back to moan).

It feels like I can soon have closure and really move on.

This made me lol

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