Stroke Awareness, part 1: Blood pressure

Good morning! I had the pleasure of being interviewed today by Sian from Kinetik Wellbeing, a company who manufacture blood pressure monitors, on the subject of stroke.

It’s funny because I never thought I’d ever be interviewed on the subject of stroke and now I seem to have become a bit of an expert! Ask me anything about basal ganglia, systolic ventricular contraction or vasculitis screen and I am your woman. Perhaps I should go back to uni to become a neurologist or cardiologist after all.

On the 29 October every year is stroke awareness day and the point I want to hammer home with stroke or any cardiovascular event is that a lot of the risk factors are in your control: don’t smoke. Drink in moderation. Do exercise. Look after your mental health by doing yoga or mindfulness or bingewatch Netflix. And be aware of your basic health readings: cholesterol/ blood sugar/ blood pressure.

Blood fat and sugar can only be checked through a blood test, but your bp can and should be checked at least once a week at home. The average you are aiming for is 120/80. Uncontrolled high blood pressure can be fatal peeps – it weakens your blood vessels and can make an increased amount of clots in the blood – neither is a good situation. And it normally has no symptoms. Some people can live for years with a high bp and have no idea, until something catastrophic happens.

So: if you do one little thing this week, go and check your blood pressure. It can save your life.

PS – I am not getting paid for this post

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Rocking purple, the colour of stroke awareness

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