The Big Yellow Party Bus

I took my daughter to another bus party today and we bloody loved it.

Looking back at my post from January this year where going to party bus mayhem for 4 year olds was just about surviving, this was actually good fun.

It showed me how far I’ve come, how far we’ve all come. A few months ago I’d been nervous for days before the event; a softplay bus filled with 20 screaming preschoolers high on Ribena didn’t float my stroke- boat, but today was different, I thought nothing of it and actually really enjoyed it (I’ve also realised we are entering the blissful era of drop offs, where kids play and parents can have an ACTUAL chat).

Don’t get me wrong I still have bad times but I now measure them in hours rather than days. I have had a heart procedure and will probably have to have another one soon and they’re investigating auto immune disorders, but: It feels so bloody gorgeous to feel almost normal again. Long may it last.

I’m so incredibly proud of all of us, what a year we’ve had, and my beautiful family and close friends have stood by me and helped me to get to where I am. I’m so grateful I could cry (I do cry a lot). I’ll never forget the 14th of October but honestly, I’ll celebrate it (The Hubby got me flowers and Prosecco, what a legend) and it’ll be my own personal Thanksgiving.

Here’s to many happy years after Stroke xx

This is not the actual bus 😬

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