To some it might seem boring, to me it’s life: Routine

We are four weeks into my daughter starting school and something has already started to happen: we are establishing a bit of a routine.

To me, routine is something to hold on to. It’s a framework in which I can more easily operate. It’s bliss actually.

I never used to be like that. I thrived on change and the unexpected and the variety and the excitement it brought. Since the stroke, all of the above scare me.

I’d think nothing of hopping onto a plane and fly to some random country be it for work or pleasure. No hotel booked, just going with the flow. Now, I wouldn’t even make it to the airport.

Working in marketing was the same, everyday there was a different challenge, different people to deal with, different events… I loved its varied nature. Now, I plan every day carefully so not to trip up.

The summer hols were lovely but we had no routine. This seemingly endless way of bumbling along made everyone a bit edgy and moody actually.

But now, alas, we’ve started school. We have a set pattern or things that need to happen before we leave the house and when we come home. In between I know when I have my students and it’s the same slot per student/ group every week. I know where I’m going and how long things take. I have my yoga day, my cleaning the house day, my this day, my that day… I’m buzzing.

It might sound so boring and uneventful but it’s what I have been craving for since the stroke – structure and the known. No big surprises means less stress for me.

If the rest of my life was one big routine, I’d be happy with that.

How do you feel about routine?


  1. Routine Routine Routine
    HaHa how life changes
    I used to think organised folk sooooo boring don’t get me wrong I’m not a chaos person however love spontaneity
    Gone are those days but hey ho life’s just more chilled now I’m in different lane since Stroke xxx

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