Big day today – for me 🙈

It was my daughter’s first day at school today and somewhat randomly a milestone for me.

When I had the stroke and didn’t know whether I would live or die (not wanting to be over dramatic here but strokes can be fatal and the risk of another one is very high in the first months after stroke), I set myself a goal: I’m going to make it at least to see my girl off to school, and no matter how I feel that day, I’m gonna drag my arse up there even if it kills me!

You can imagine how emotional I’ve been today then. Not only have I birthed and we’ve raised a wonderful human being but I’ve also lived to see her wave good bye at the school gates.

We both had a wobble just before the teacher ushered us out and the love and deep bond I feel for this child at that moment are indescribable.

Now, my next goal is to make it to see my son go to school in two years – one step at a time as they say ☺️


  1. It’s so hard to let them go …. you’ve done amazingly well she looks like mini you in that picture …. well done
    Super mum xx


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