I’ve come to the conclusion that accepting things you cannot change REALLY is the key to a happier life.

I’m not saying I’ve mastered the art of acceptance, not even remotely, but I’m getting there. Even just the realisation that if I can’t do FA about something, so better accept it, has massively changed my life for the better over the last few weeks.

No idea why this has come about but I’ve had a rough couple of weeks before I had a fairly pleasant and almost normal few weeks. So in hindsight, I would have been better off accepting that I’m having a rubbish few weeks rather than getting upset about it and in return feeling more rubbish.

I’ve definitely learned to accept that my post stroke life will be one with my constant little shadow called fatigue following me. I will have to accept that this might get better but it’ll never go away; I’ll never have the energy I had a few years ago; I’ll probably never travel across Australia and certainly won’t try any adventure sports. But learning to accept and manage my fatigue I believe will make my life very enjoyable again and I’m happy I’ve finally understood what fatigue does to me.

Acceptance has also reduced my anxiety to almost zero. I’ve not felt anxious for about 4 weeks. It’s like a little miracle cure 🙂

Other things I’ve accepted other than my fatigue, that life has ups and downs and that my health might never be great but I can still enjoy life:

– You can’t please everyone (and shouldn’t)

– People are just the way they are. No point in getting upset about it. They also have their own shit to deal with.

– Letting your kids watch TV doesn’t make you devil mum but it’s actually a life saver

– Taking meds might not be ideal but it’s actually a life saver

– I’ll probably never feel my right side again fully but am ok to slightly wobble through the rest of my life

– I have a hole in the heart and am on a waiting list for an op for probably 2 years! Worrying but nothing I can do

– Ocado is amazing but very expensive and I’ll be shopping in Aldi more

This Acceptance lark has potential I tell you. Go and try it x

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