Lunch date

Today, Andrew and I went for lunch together.

It felt cheeky and decadent and self-indulgent and wonderful. We haven’t been out in ca 4 years sans kids (not an exaggeration). Hang on, I lie, there was the one time for our wedding anniversary and perhaps another time for a birthday or so, I can’t remember.

And before anyone feels I’m complaining about the lack of childcare offers, that’s not why. There have been plenty of offers, which we all gratefully declined. The truth is, we don’t WANT to go out. It’s sad but we are happiest at home, Andy watching tv with some wine and me tucked up in bed with a hot chocolate (I still only last until half eight pm, and drink does not agree with me anymore).

So, today was big. I think we felt that we needed to reconnect as a couple. People always say that, that you need to spend time alone as a couple, and it’s true, it feels great not having to worry about anything else other than your own hungry stomach, and the crayons stayed at home. No responsibility, only to yourself. Liberating.

So today we totally reconnected. I know that, because afterwards we went to the shops and for the first time in ages didn’t argue. And we were full of steak and too weak to row over which kind of pasta sauce to buy perhaps as well. 😋

Although we spend so much time together, with Andrew working from home and me still being on sick leave, we never actually talk. We try. But there’s normally a screaming/ attention-demanding/ hungry child in close proximity, so we give up and agree to talk later, which then never happens because I am in bed shortly after the kids.

So today we talked and we chatted and we laughed and we “caught up” (bizarre considering we see each other all day long, isn’t it).

It felt fresh and intimate and completely stress free. We planned our holidays, talked about people we know and stuff that’s happening in the news. And about Fleabag. What a show.

I had lunch with the man I love, and I want to do it more often.

Where are my statins?

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