On a roll

Guys, I’m on a roll the moment!

The last few days have been so hectic, but positively hectic if you know what I mean.

We’ve got a new cat, a new car, new kitchen tiles (all painted by my humble self, never knew I could), there’s movement on the childcare front, and BIG changes are coming work-wise (watch this space). Clara’s started swimming lessons which she loves and Archie is doing tumble tots, some kind of toddler gymnastics (why not).

So, I woke up the other day thinking how I feel like I’m almost back to normal, with the exception of tiredness kicking in at 5pm on the dot, a few numb fingers and funny vision. (Gives me a chance to wear my oversized sunglasses more I suppose))

It feels so good to be able to do things again. Even if it’s little, “insignificant” things like taking the rubbish out or reading a few pages of a book (all health related books these days, I’m getting more boring by the day, folks).

But it’s literally like a second chance at life. Especially after hearing the sad news of Luke Perry, I’ve realised once more how bloody lucky I’ve been.

Thank you, universe, or whoever is looking out for me.

Not long ago, I used to wake up feeling well and truly crap. Stiff, tired, confused, nauseous, and somewhat surprised I made it through another night. It took me a good hour to get going, brainwise, and I couldn’t face the day without earplugs, staggering around like a drunkard and being generally not really with it.

They still make an appearance, the earplugs, but not as often. I last longer in the evenings. I enjoy listening to music again and even had a little boogie in the kitchen last night. I’ve turned to cleaning (#hinching), and it gives me immense pleasure to keep the house sparkling. (Discovered the beauty that is Zoflora. Where have you been all my life?). I can pick the kids up from nursery and go to the shops (although I won’t lie, it is both quite anxiety- inducing, but that’s for another blog post). I can tolerate massages again and am extremely lucky to have married a massage therapist 😄. I enjoy being with the kids (not if they’re having tantrums or other screaming fits, just to be clear), and can hold a conversation for longer than Half an hour without feeling drained.

Also, I’ve become totally awesome at online scrabble.

Things are definitely looking up. 😌

Isn’t the brain just a beautiful thing?

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