Stressed spelled backwards…

…is desserts. Coincidence?

While I personally don’t forage the fridge for sweet delights anymore (plus to be honest, I’ve never really had a sweet tooth), I’ve always been a stress eater. Savoury stuff is what floats my boat, cheese in all varieties and loads of it please, salty pretzely type nibbles and chorizoy sausage snacks… yes, that would switch off the stress button immediately. Washed down with a nice half bottle of red = stress busted.

The only problem is, I don’t really eat much anymore. Mainly because I’m nauseous from the meds, but also because I want to avoid having to take statins again at all costs (they were quite the killjoy). So, I’m really – like REALLY- watching what goes into the gob.

I don’t feel like I am missing anything, I don’t feel deprived of anything or suffering from FOMO. But I have noticed that the stress levels are creeping up again, in line with getting better, and I have no real offset for it.

Booze and food is no longer an option; exercise is an option, but not the kind you really need to combat stress; mediation yes, but struggling to fit it in; watching mindless programmes on TV difficult due to wonky eyes; cleaning – yes please, house is definitely more hinched; but what else is there?

So, I’m starting to feel more stressed again. I don’t really know why but little and totally irrelevant things annoy me, and the tiniest things can overwhelm me. I don’t want to feel this way again.

Trying to think back when I felt pretty calm, which was during the sub acute phase of stroke ca 2-3 months post, what did I do to destress?

And the answer is, I did everything very slowly. Consciously took my time with the tiniest tasks. Tried to enjoy the most mindless chores. And I breathed – a couple of deep breaths, 3,4,5 and breath out, 5,6,7,8… I guess I was being more mindful.

But it’s funny isn’t it, the minute you feel better you start falling back into your old habits, and one of my old habits unfortunately was rushing around.

So, I’m going to remind myself with this post that stress is a killer and all one’s got to do is breathe. And smile. And cuddle others (pets or humans, oxytocin is quite the wonder drug). And perhaps do pour that glass of wine once in a while 😄

So, tell me, sweet followers:

How do you deal with stress? What situations do you find stressful? Do you ever reach a state of Zen? What circumstances make you lose your shit?

Losing my shot whilst cleaning the microwave

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