A little break

I’ve been heavily criticised today, for apparently writing as if my husband does nothing and it’s upset some of his family members and friends.

It’s upset me too, so much that I’m going to let this blog rest for the time being. It’s not the experience I had hoped for, as I have enjoyed writing this.

It had felt good to just talk about me and be completely selfish, but it seems like I haven’t given Andrew enough credit and I’m sorry for that.

So, for the avoidance of doubt, he is amazing, he is supportive, he is a great dad and he helps loads. He makes sure I have time to rest and looks after the kids where he can. He does a lot of the cooking and food shopping as I get anxiety in the supermarket environment, and he’s even hoovered the other day (that was a little joke, pls no one be offended).

He’s always done more than me, he’s always been stronger than me, and he’s always been the better person. I am so lucky to have met him and grateful for him being in my life everyday.

Thanks everyone for following me so far.

Hasta pronto x

One comment

  1. It’s a great pity that you have been left to sort this when it should be your husband that acted with regard to friends and family to reassure them that you had his full support for joy blog

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