Having children is exactly that. A continuous loop of tending to their needs.

And there are a lot of needs. From the moment they wake up in the morning (6am start anyone?) to when they finally drift off into the land of nod (my favourite time of the day 🙈).

And in between? The sweet sounds of two young children shouting “muuummmmyyyyy” all day long is nothing for the faint hearted. Don’t get me wrong, I love it and it’s what I’d always wanted. And they are good kids, neither of them is particularly naughty (apart from lobbing really hard toys against each other’s heads, what’s with that?!), but that won’t stop me from admitting that I’m finding the endless stream of demands utterly exhausting.

Since the stroke, my brain is like an old iPhone that is trying to connect to WiFi but can only get 3G. Everything is slow and an incredible effort. For example, changing Archie’s bum would run anyone ragged, but I feel like I need an hours’ nap afterwards.

My brain is constantly trying to catch up and it leaves me spent. I can tell when I’m reaching fatigue point, as my right eye on the affected side starts to close by itself, my arm and leg go numb and my tongue feels heavy. It’s not even an unpleasant state but bloody hard when you have to parent. And I’m sure I look a bit silly too.

And this is usually when the TV comes on. I spoke about it in my last post and I am really not keen for it to come on as much as it has recently, but sometimes there’s no other way. Although I have now introduced a screen free day per week. It’s a start.

I’m sure I’ll miss the relentlessness of these years when they’re both off to see their friends and don’t want to be mine anymore. That’s what I’ll try and remind myself of. How lucky I am to be alive and have such brilliant little people with me, and honestly I wouldn’t want it any other way (or perhaps a few hours a day for them to go somewhere so I can do yoga and play words with friends, Hinch my home and fanny around in Instagram, actually. Oh well, one can dream).

It’s not just me affected by the relentlessness 🙂

How do you guys switch off from endless requests?


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