This too shall pass

What has been my mantra since when Clara was a baby (a time that seemed to have lasted an eternity. ‘They grow up so quickly’ is something I could never really relate to), this cherished motto came into good use again yesterday. I’ve been muttering these words pretty much constantly under my breath all day.

So, let me set the scene for you: me, not really with it most of the time due to a clot that’s decided to block oxygen to my brain; my husband, smalled-eyed and not at all bushy-tailed as he had slept for not more than 2 hours 16 minutes the previous night; Clara, chatterbox extraordinaire and not the least bit fussed about her brothers wellbeing, which leads me nicely to the actual reason for muttering: young Archie, who is teething, has a tummy bug which makes him explode both ends and also started to sound like he’s smoking 50 fags a day. I knew when I got up yesterday morning to the sweet sounds of my toddler son crying, that this wouldn’t be the best of days.

And alas, I was right. No Peppa Pig (or Wutz in German) or Paw Patrol could settle the situation. We cried, we whined, we screamed and we whinged. Then a little more crying. At this point I decided to stick my ear plugs in – life hack btw: parenting with earplugs is absolutely the way forward, stroke or not.

That helped with tolerating the incessant screaming but gave me balance issues. Can’t win.

And then, oh yes then, just to make my morning even more relaxed and stress free, I got a migraine. I used to have them before the stroke, but very seldom, perhaps twice a year. This is the third migraine in three months. I could feel my heart starting to race as anxiety set in. When I get a migraine I don’t actually get a headache, I get an aura and severe nausea. With this aura I literally can’t see a thing. For about 30mins I am caught in some sort of weird psychedelic hallucination that’s not at all pleasant. So, there I am, screaming child on one arm (the good one), eyes closed as can’t see anyway, earplugs in, stumbling across the lounge, trying to SOMEHOW, somehow get a grip on the situation. Luckily Archie did decide to settle for Peppa and Andy came home and rescued me.

You can imagine that the rest of the day has been a little bit of a write off and despite all attempts to do something fun, we were all fairly miserable.

But…this too shall pass, and tomorrow is another day, right?

Any ideas on how to parent with a migraine or similar predicaments, please comment or email 🙈x


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