My name is Tania and I live with my husband Andrew and children Clara and Archie in Middle England.

40 years ago I was born in Germany, and left the country to see the world 20 years later.

I somehow ended up in England (after stints in Spain and the US) and now work in the Global Marketing Team for Jaguar Land Rover although I’m currently on sick leave and who knows what the future will bring on that front. Working for a global car giant has enabled me to see the world. I’ve travelled to some quite far flung places in Africa and the Middle East, and also used to go travelling for pleasure.

You guessed it, as soon as the kids came along this all changed 🙂

I’ve got a Masters Degree in Art History and Spanish, and languages are my passion. My kids are brought up bilingual and it’s really fascinating to see how they can switch between German and English.

There is no spare time but if there was, I’d love to go hiking, dancing and skiing. But in reality I’m home all the time now, and d’you know what? I love it! I love being with the kids and having a lovely house with a gorgeous view. I enjoy the small things in life. I look forward to growing old with my husband and see my children develop into super people (I hope, because no one wants to be responsible for raising a knob).

A few months ago I had a stroke (bummer) and my brain was literally overflowing with thoughts, from morning to evening. So I thought a blog might help me and others. Also, I found it is always good to try and laugh about stuff; it helps to stay positive.

As I’m slowly adjusting to my new life I have to say it’s not all been bad. I’m actually glad it’s happened to me, as I have a much greater appreciation for life and can live more in the moment. And of course I can always use stroke brain as an excuse now if I don’t want to do something 😁

Thanks for reading x

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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